Reading, Writing but no arithmetic – A Sunday Post

Definitely back in a routine, reading more, even actually started writing something fictional, and it's much harder than it looks but I have been developing a daily writing habit.   I even went to my first ever writers group at one of my local libraries, it was good, more structured than I was expecting all about memoir, I really should get on with the homework.    Reading wise, two books finished and they were both very good.


Book Review – Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield ★★★★★

I finished reading this half an hour ago and have that bittersweet feeling that goes with the end of a wonderful book.  This is my first five star reads of the year, and last year I only had two out of 92 books as I save them for something really special.

A Blissful Week. The house is tranquil and I have started writing again.

It has been a lovely week, my daughter has gone back to school, my OH has gone back to work and I have had the house to myself for 6 and a half hour a day. Subsequently, I have been playing with the idea of writing more than just this blog, and have bought a new book on the subject (Story Genius) and am dipping into some old ones, and most importantly I #amwriting.    Reading wise, I have finished two books this week and both of them were wonderful.  Including my first five star read of the year.

Book Review – Blackberry and Wild Rose by Sonia Velton ★★★★☆

I am a sucker for a pretty cover, which was what attracted me to this book.  Told in the alternating first-person accounts of two women with different, but interlaced lives.   It surprised me to read that this is the author’s debut novel as the writing is much more assured than most. It has been likened to the work of Tracy Chevalier and that is a fair comparison. 

Books I Loved But Never Wrote A Review For

Today the TTT prompt is supposed to be new releases I am waiting for in 2019 but am never well organised enough to realise that new releases are happening until I see them on Netgalley or in the library.  So I have decided to go through the TTT archives and find an old prompt, this one was first done on August 23, 2011, a long time before I started blogging.  I only started writing book reviews when I started blogging so anything I have read before 2015 will count.

Life is almost back to normal. The kids go back to school tomorrow. Horray!

Life has pretty much gotten back to normal, I just have to wait till Monday morning then school term will start and the house will go back to a child-free zone for most of the day.   Reading wise a fair to middling kind of week with two books finished but one of which was an ARC that I should have read in the summer but failed, only two overdue netgalley arc's to go (and a couple each from Edelweiss and self-published).  Two books will put me just on track for my Goodreads reading challenge goal of 100 this year. 

The Best Books I’v Read in 2018

In case you are too hungover to notice it's New Year's day today and the perfect time to share with you my favourite books of the year. In a vague kind of order starting with my favourites.   It's also the prompt for today's Top Ten Tuesday over at the Artsy Reader Girl which is handy.

State of the ARC #2 The December 18 Edition

I am so glad to hear that we are starting a new ARC bingo for the new year, especially as I only did my first state of the ARC post last month, so this is the perfect time for anybody new to join us, check out. In December I have read 6 ARC's, five from Netgalley and one from Bookbridgr and I have requested five more (all from Netgalley) and  I have got my Netgalley rating up to 70%.

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