Weekly Update 19th to 25th June

It has been hot, and for the UK really hot and I have been loving it, but during the middle of the day its been too hot for sitting outside so I have been inside blogging, so unexpectedly its been a fairly productive week on the blog. But alas the hot weather seems to have left us by the end of the week. My daughter also had her school sports day luckily on one of the cooler days, my OH seems disappointed that our 8 year old isn't a sporting genius but hay ho.

My Favourite Cookbook including a recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

For this week's Friday Favourites I am going to share with you my favourite cookbook. It was a difficult decision but in the end I went for the one book that I use the most and that is the River Cottage Everyday by Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall. As the title suggests this is not fancy dinner party kind of food, but food for serving to a hungry family and friends, including easy lunchbox food, breakfasts and a chapter on making bread including instructions on making, keeping and using a sourdough starter. And don't forget the fruit, puddings and cakes.

Review – Autumn By Ali Smith

 In essence it is about a platonic relationship between an elderly man and a girl who grows into a young woman. It is a book about youth and ageing and Elizabeth’s mother appears to be the voice of society when she disapproves of the unlikely friendship. Daniel Gluck and Elizabeth Demand met when they where... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t

It's time for another top ten Tuesday. This time its all about series that I haven't started yet. That's the problem with series, it is a huge time commitment and there are so many other books to read out there. Admittedly I didn't have ten but only seven series from a range of genres. Fantasy, si-fi, action and murder mystery all make an appearance. Not sure when I will get round to starting them all let alone finishing them especially when many of the series are incomplete.

My Guest Post

The wonderful May over at Forever and Everly has given me the fantastic opportunity of a guest post over at her wonderful blog. What I have learned in the short time I have been book blogging (discussion) Go and check it out and share any hints and tips you have.

Weekly Update 12th to 18th June

The weather this week has been lovely, so I am admittedly a little pink in places due to sitting in my garden with a good book for far too long around midday. Apart from that nothing noteworthy has happened. Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller - I really enjoyed this book, but was left feeling a... Continue Reading →

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