Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag #Blogmas 14

I have seen this tag all over the blogosphere and decided that I better find out if I was naughty or nice.  In a bookish way anyway.   This tag was created by Jenniely at the beginning of this month, so it's a new one.


Book Review – If Cats Disappeared from the World by Genki Kawamura ★★★★✬

This short book caught me by surprise. At first, I thought it was a fairly shallow thought experiment about making things like phones disappear from the world.  And its easy conversational writing style confirms this.   Then it evolves into a book about grief and a young man facing his own mortality and ultimately the things that are important to him.

Sunday Post 9th December – #Blogmas 9

The weather has been AWFUL this week, constant rain and high winds.  Luckily that has meant lots of time to sit inside and read, the downside is that the lack of exercise means that my trousers have been getting a little tight.  Four books finished and several more on the go means that I should be on track for my goal of 90 books read this year. 

Christmas Music – #Blogmas 8

I was going to do something totally different but I am feeling a bit blogged out so time to ring the changes.  Anyway here are my favourite Christmas songs, all from youtube. I am not a huge fan of Christmas Music, mainly because we end up having to listen to it from the beginning of November every year, but here are a couple of classics, plus a silly one. 

Books For People Who ‘Don’t Read’ #Blogmas 7

or Book Gift Ideas for the Non-Reader in your life. My Brother's philosophy on reading is "I read a book once", I think it was a fishing manual or something.  My partner only ever reads when he is on holiday. I don't understand it but they don't read for pleasure.  Most of us have people like them in our lives and admittedly I am unlikely to buy them books this year but if I did, these are the ones would choose. 

Books I Might Buy My 9-Year-Old Daughter for Christmas – Blogmas #3

Kids, who'd have them?  Well lost of people, myself included.  My daughter is 9 going on 14 and she does love reading, but probably not as much as listening to cheesy pop music on her phone.   Anyway, these are ten books that I am thinking of getting her for Christmas this year.  Admittedly some because I want to read them myself but don't tell her. 

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