Book Review – Bitter Orange by Claire Fuller

Frances as an elderly woman is narrating her story to a priest on her deathbed. The story concentrates on the summer of 1969 when she is a frumpy, plump middle-aged woman who has never had many friends and fewer lovers. Her mother’s death has freed her from a life of servitude of being an unpaid carer to a demanding woman. She gets a job surveying the garden architecture of a stately home, Lyntons. With the permission of her employer, she starts camping in an attic bedroom in this mansion. She is not alone, on the floor below her are Peter and Cara, an attractive couple who are reporting on the main house and contents.


It’s Foggy in San Francisco – Sunday Review

Our big trip to the USA has begun. We landed in San Francisco on Friday evening after about 40 hours in busses and planes. We took the cheapest flight we could find, Wow air via Iceland including a 16 hour layover overnight. Our 9 year old slept well but neither my OH or myself slept... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Prague Sonata by Bradford Morrow

This is a lengthy and fairly slowly plotted book but it is charming in many ways. It follows Meta’s quest to unite all the pieces of a forgotten sonata and return it whole to its rightful owner after she is gifted one of the pieces by an elderly Czech woman. The Prague sonata was split during the second world war to stop it falling into the hands of the Nazis. It took many for this book to be written, including lots of research and travel. All this research has given the descriptions a rich and truly evocative quality.

My Favourite Road Trip Books

Top Five Wednesday is a meme that comes from the Goodreads group of the same name, its one that I only do sporadically whenever the subject matter is inspiring. This one is fairly timely as I am heading off on my own road trip after a bus, flights and loads of waiting around in airports. Anyway here are my top five road-trip books. I am not sure why but all of these books are set in America, I guess a road trip in the UK wouldn’t fill a whole book, more of a short story. They are all books that I have read (although I never finished the Kerouac) and all involve a motorised vehicle on a road.

Book Review – If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch

After a climbing accident resulting in a head injury Alex hospitalised, trapped inside his own body. He is awake but everybody assumes that because he is unable to move he is unconscious. Alex uses the time to think about how he got here and this book is his first person account. Through the book we see the other people in his life through his filter. Much of the plot is divulged by Alex overhearing his relatives, friends, nursing staff and police who all think that he can’t hear a thing.

The Netgalley Tag

I saw this on Books with Vertigo and Tea and thought I would take the global invitation to do this tag, and here it is. The Netgalley tag was created in 2016 by Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads and it's unsurprisingly all about my favourite place to get eARC.  

Sunday Review

We are drawing ever closer to the school summer holidays, only one more week to go. The weather has been pretty nice, not 100% sun but not bad at all. Reading wise I have only finished one book this week but am ploughing through about six others, with a few on hold in the background.

Five Star Book Review – The Possible World by Liese O’Halloran Schwarz

This is the best book I have read for ages. The writing style is both effortless and expressive. The characters are full, rich and utterly credible. There are three protagonists. Ben a young boy who has amnesia due to a traumatic event. Lucy is the doctor who examines Ben in the ER after this event and is the only one he will speak to. Finally, Claire is around 100 years old (her exact age is unknown). She is proud and prickly but unlike most of the other residents in her care home, she has all her marbles intact. I have a soft spot for elderly ladies who refuse to be stereotypically sweet and placid and Claire definitely fits that mould.

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