Review – How to make a journal of your life by d.price

How to make a journal of your life by d.price is a little book and quick read, with a total page-count of 117 pages but every sheet is packed with drawings and handwritten text.  It does what it sets out to do, in eight chapters it tells you how to write, draw, take photographs to print and stick in  and other ways to provide a souvenir of your life in a notebook.  Every time I open this book it makes me smile.

I bought this book to inspire me to restart my sketchbook habit that had been lying dormant for a while, and it has done just that.   The  illustrations contained within the book are simple and not too intimidating for the beginning artist when compared to their efforts.  And the blind contour exercise of drawing without looking at the paper is a classic.

Daniel Price is the perfect person to write this book as he has followed this path and even published his journals for 7 years as the moonlight chronicles and he has included excerpts from these in the back.  The author encourages the reader to slow down, and record the simple pleasures in life as he has done.  

My favorite part of this book is the section where he asks people who he goes out for coffee with to draw the salt cellar and the reactions from his victims.  I might have to try that myself.

ThHow to make a journal of your life graphice only thing I would change about this book was to make it longer, it was over far too soon but that is often the way with handwritten books.

I would recommend this book to anybody who wanted to start an illustrated journal or somebody like myself who already does but is feeling a little uninspired.  It would be the perfect gift for any aspiring artist or writer, probably accompanied by a nice notebook.



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  1. This sounds so interesting! I occasionally try to start journals and then kept bored simply writing to myself and usually just give up on them. 😦


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