Neil Gaiman Book Covers

This is my first ever post for Top Ten Tuesday to be found over at the broke and the bookish see what others did with the Cover Theme Freebie there

I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman ever since reading the entire Sandman series so far in comic form on my friend’s sofa over a weekend.  Many of these book are officially children’s books but  they would appeal to people of all ages, especially those with a likening for the more dark side.

1   Coraline is a modern classic which was adapted into a fabulously creepy movie, but originally it was a book.  My favorite cover is illustrated by Chris Riddle the hilarious illustrator and current Children’s Laureate.

2  The Graveyard Book  is another children’s book cover illustrated by Chris Riddell.  Gaiman has won both the  Carnegie Medal and the  Newbery Medal  for this book and well deservedly.   The book is about a boy called Nobody Owens who is a normal boy except he lives in the graveyard and has been brought up by various ghosts and a guardian who is neither alive or dead.   A fabulous read for both adults and children alike.

The Graveyard Book

3  Blueberry Girl is a beautiful book, not so much a kids book as the language was a bit too complicated for my daughter at the time we first got it but as an adult I love it.  The illustrations by are beautiful and it would be an amazing present to any new parents.

4 Interworld is another kids book.   Set in an alternative present where Joey Harker is just an ordinary kid but then he gets lost and ends up in another dimension.

Onto more adult pickings.

5 Sandman the Dolls House.  All the covers for this critically acclaimed series where created by Dave McKean but this one is my favorite.   If you have never gone back to Neil Gaiman’s past when he hadn’t broken into the mainstream publishing world  you should. These are not your typical comic they are deep and though provoking work touching upon mythologies from both Norse, Roman and Greek from the master of storytelling.


6  Good Omens  was written in collaboration with Terry Pratchett and in my opinion the funniest of all Gaiman’s work.  It is about a devil and and angel (both in small caps for a reason)  both trying to prevent the apocalypse for  various personal reasons and the great granddaughter of Agnes Nutter, the witch who had prophesied it in 1655.

good omens

7   Neverwhere is I think the first prose novel to be published and its tale of London below is both captivated and terrified me what is now over a decade ago, and I notice that Chris Riddell has illustrated this edition.  I might have to treat myself.


8   The Ocean at the end of the lane.
I haven’t read this one yet but it is on my to be read list.

The Ocean at the end of the lane

9 American Gods,  now a TV show.  I haven’t seen it yet but only the first episode has been shown on Amazon in the UK.


10 Stardust (Italian Cover). I read this in English several years ago but I prefer the cover for the Italian version.   This is a fairy story in the traditional sense.  It has been made into a movie but as ever the book is better.




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  1. I have to admit I’m not a huge Gaiman fan, but I’ve recently read Sandman Vol. 4 and think I might have to give him another chance. Or at least read the rest of the Sandman series!


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