If Wishes Where Kisses…

This is my second Top Ten Tuesday hosted over at the Broke and the Bookish and so far I have found it a challenging  but interesting one.  So  I did do a bit of a dig around the archives of people’s blogs to get some inspiration from  3 years ago when this was last done. On a side-note it amazes me how many blogs on that list don’t exist any more (or I guess have moved).  Also I am sure as I haven’t read everything there is to read or even close. that there will be other works that fill these niches so if you know, please tell me.

1 Surrealism

I love the work of Haruki Murakami and Neil Gaiman, both writers who can weave a mesmerizing implausible tale and make you believe it.    I want more please.

2 Artists at work

I love reading about the mechanics of painting and the like, probably because I aspire to paint myself (unsuccessfully).  What’s Bread in the Bone, the second book in the Cornish Trilogy by Robinson Davies is a good example, and also Somerset Maugham’s classic about Gauguin The Moon and Sixpence.


3 Believable strong women who are a little flawed

My favourite characters in book are always independent and strong women (or girls who become women)   Think Arya Stark  in Game of Throne or Jessica Jones (but not in the super strength kind of way).  I would definitely like more of that especially if these women don’t need a partner to define them.

arya stark

4 Real men

Most men in books I have read recently seem to be either sensitive types or complete gits.  Can we have some real men.  Men who know how to put up some bookshelves but aren’t going to get all emotional  about it or be an ass.  Also can you make them characters of substance, not just somebody for the protagonist to fall in love with.

5 Road-trips

I do love a good road trip and literary  ones are no exception.  The best that I have read in recent years is the book that I distributed for world book night last year,the Last bus to Coffeeville  by J. Paul Henderson.

6 Unique but believable magic systems

Many systems of magic in fantasy novels are either downplayed (Game of Thrones)  or not really explained (Harry Potter, sorry but its true as much as I love it).   My favourite magic system is the one from the Deverry Series from an American author Katherine Kerr which she states that this is based on “real” magic but with more dramatic results.   It will take somebody with fabulous world-building skills to pull this off but I am sure there are some books somewhere that I haven’t discovered.

7 More by J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter’s world

I was so pleased to hear that Ms Rowling has done some short stories from Pottermore in Kindle form, very much looking forward to reading it, but currently its only on Kindle and I don’t have one.   Please print it (and send me a review copy please :))Untitled design

8 The rest of the Game of Thrones Series

Is it ever going to end?  He has been working on the last books for a very long time and although he has written in his live journal that he is hoping for the books to be finished this year it seems doughtful. The last official word about it came on his live journal over a year ago now.winds of winterIf there are any recommendations for me to fulfill my wishes please let me know in the comments.



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  1. You can read Kindle books on your computer too. I now have a Kindle app on my phone, but before I had a smart phone, I just read them on my computer. So you really can read those Rowling stories!


  2. 1000000% to the more believable characters – both male and female. I love it when a series talks not just about the magic, but how it works as well. Makes it more believable within that world.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks!


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