How to host an kickass party based on a book.

My first top five Wednesday  for the goodreads group.   This weeks topic is Books as Event themes so I have tried to find the best 5 books or series to base a party around.

  • 1 Harry Potter  

    It  would be tricky to make a venue look like the Hogwarts castle but for dressing up  there are as many choices as there are characters.  Personally I would go as Minerva McGonagall, black dress and cloak, hair up in a severe bun, glasses to peer over and a few decades in age and I would be away. What would you go as?  (please tell me in the comments)harry potter books

  • 2 The Hunger games

    This could make for a really fun and raucous  party, not suited for a wedding but maybe for a funeral ;).  Have  a glorified paintball contest and last one standing wins something silly.





  • 3 50 Shades of grey

    I don’t think I would be brave enough to host a 50 shades of grey party.  They are not books I enjoyed reading, I read the fist one and left it at that as the writing was so terrible, but they are very well known and you can improvise around the theme lots of leather and whips. Probably not for a funeral but maybe for a wedding, if you like that kind of thing.   I am trying my best to keep this child friendly so you can imagine the rest.


  • 4 Lord of the Rings  by J R R Tolkien

    Again its a classic and even people who don’t like the genre can improvise a costume.    Hairy toes all round then.

  • 5  Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple or Poirot

    Pick your favourite  and have a murder mystery night.  I am not sure how this would work but you can get murder mystery night kits  and work around it or make it up.  If you are really clever you can make it all up.



Books as Event Themes 2




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