Friday Favourites – My favourite book set in mainland Europe?

Welcome to my new meme Friday Favourites, where I get to tell you about all of my favourite books one at a time you can tell the world all about yours,  and there is a linky a the end of this post.

For this week I have chosen my favourite book set in mainland Europe, mainly because as a UK national I didn’t want to choose something from my home country but something a little more exotic.

I have chosen the Girl with the dragon Tattoo by Larsson, Stieg  admittedly I did see the American movie before I read the book, (there is a Swedish one in Swedish not surprisingly) but the book is, as is often the case so much better.

The book centres on a journalist, Mikael Blomkvist once highly respected but recently GWTDT english 3has made some professional errors and his reputation is crumbling.  Then he receives an offer to restore his reputation by a retired industry tycoon Henrik Vanger but before Vanger will do this, Blomkvist must spend a year researching the disappearance of his daughter over 40 years ago and live on the remote island where the family estate is.   He goes, he researches and hits a wall, discovering nothing new as the rest of the family is either downright hostile or useless.  Then he seeks the help of the unconventional researcher Lisbeth Salander (who is the girl with the tattoo).   The book plods along at first but then it gets up to speed about the time that Lisbeth arrives and it all becomes far more interesting.  The character of Lisbeth is what makes this book special.  She is a heroine for the modern age, she has no social skills and doesn’t give a monkeys what anybody else thinks, but she loves solving puzzles and is driven by the work itself rather than any other reason.  And you don’t want to cross her, as we see her exacting revenge with a tattoo gun.

Man_som_hatar_kvinnor-1_thumbIt was originally published in Swedish in 2005 and this is as far as I can tell the original cover since then it has been published in a huge number of languages and in many countries in the world, especially after the success of the Hollywood movie.

WARNING: This book is not suitable for children or anybody with a delicate disposition (i.e. if you are reading this Mum, this book is not for you).  As with both the US and Swedish films there is a fairly graphic and violent rape scene and other bits of violence here and there.

According to goodreads there are 275 different editions with many distinct covers these are my favourites.  I especially love the Romanian WednesdayAdamsone (top row two from the left) and the Estonian one (bottom row third from the right) and I not sure what is happening with the French one (top second from right) with the Wednesday Adams (from the Adams Family) with a necklace of human heads.


What’s your favourite book set in Mainland Europe, either use the linky below or the comments.




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    1. I am so glad that it gets my big blogger seal of approval 🙂 And your comment reminded me to put an adult content warning on the blog post (only because I know you read a lot of YA) as this book does have some harrowing aspects.

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