Weekly Update 12th to 18th June

The weather this week has been lovely, so I am admittedly a little pink in places due to sitting in my garden with a good book for far too long around midday. Apart from that nothing noteworthy has happened.

Books Finished This week.Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller – I really enjoyed this book, but was left feeling a bit unsatisfied with a few elements near the end.

The Copenhagan Affair

The Copenhagan Affair by Amulya Malladi – Totally chick lit and light reading, not normally my sort of thing but I did enjoy it, the constant product placements were a bit aggravating though.

I haven’t finished it but I have finally given up on  Shadowless by Hasan ShadowlessAli Toptaş – I am not sure if it was a translation thing or if Turkish readers like books that are overly dreamlike and make no sense.  I can’t cope with 300 pages of metaphor.  My personal rule is that if I am not invested after 100 pages with a book, then it is just not worth it.   .On the plus side i found instructions on how to create a Did No Finish shelf on goodreads in their help files, very useful.


Currently Reading

I have finished a few of the books that I was reading last week and have resisted starting any more till I get a few more of these finished.  So I have got my reading list down to a far more respectable four.  Nearly finished the Bedlam Stacks, fab book.

This week on the blog

I have been posting a bit more than normal this week, not sure if I am going to be able to keep it up but I will try.

Tuesday – Best and Worst fathers in Literature for Top Ten Tuesday

Wednesday – Becky Chambers my new fave Si-fi writer including reviews of her two books a clear and common orbit and a long way to a small angry planet.

Thursday  – Book Review – The Beekeeper by Stewart Giles

Friday Favourites  – My favourite author from the USA



Due to the big blogger little blogger project developed from over at the well thumbed reader my big blogger May aka the Mango Queen over at Forever and Everly is kindly letting me do a guest post over at her fabulous blog.  That is planned to go out on Monday and I think it is going to be a discussion post on what I have learned in the (for me short) time of being a book blogger.   I am really looking forward to the discussion and am hoping that I will learn something.

Tuesday I will be telling you all about the Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t

Wednesday  – Book Review – Autumn by Ali Smith

Friday I will be sharing with you my favourite cookbook on Friday Favourites

Linking To

I will be linking this to the Sunday post over at the Caffinated book reviewer and then It’s Monday What are you Reading at The Book Date.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Update 12th to 18th June

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  1. I think Becky Chambers may be my favorite SF writer too after reading the Wayfarers book. They were so good. I’m glad there’s a third one on the way.

    It’s been nice here too although a little on the hot side. Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. Ooh, Swimming Lessons. Yeah, I’ve heard that about the ending, although I haven’t read the book yet. I saw Oryx and Crake at the library though, I feel like I should just stop putting it off and grab it. Have a good reading week!


  3. I have been getting better at abandoning books that aren’t working for me but I still feel guilty when I don’t finish a book. I haven’t created a Did Not Finish shelf at GoodReads but it sounds like a good idea. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


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