Weekly Update 19th to 25th June

It has been hot, and for the UK really hot and I have been loving it, but during the middle of the day its been too hot for sitting outside so I have been inside blogging, so unexpectedly its been a fairly productive week on the blog.   But alas the hot weather seems to have left us by the end of the week.  My daughter also had her school sports day luckily on one of the cooler days, my OH seems disappointed that our 8 year old isn’t a sporting genius but hay ho. 200w_d.gif

Books Finished This week.

The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley  – Loved this book, magical realism at its best.  I got this copy from Netgalley and due for release in about a month. Review to follow around publication date.

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel – A wonderful si-fi debut about giant robot pieces appearing all over the world.  Now I have to go and get the second book in in the series..

Little Computer People by Galen Surlak-Ramsey: Comical book about a man who creates an AI who runs amok, if you are even a little bit of a computer geek you would enjoy this.  Got this as a read-now from NetGalley and it has now been published.

 Currently ReadingI am still plodding on with the Gentleman in Moscow, Oryx and Crake and Ewan Pendle and the white wrath but added a couple more.

A Kind of Freedom by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton from Edelweiss I am only a little way into this and I am enjoying it so far.

I also started and have nearly finished my first ever Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child and I decided to start at the beginning,  Killing Floor and in two days I have nearly finished it.


This week on the blog

Big things have been happening on the blog, well kinda. On Monday I had a guest post thanks to May over at Forever and Everly, and hello to all my new followers who found me because of that, you are loved.   Then the week carried on much like normal.

ComingupnextweekWell here’s my plan for next week:

Monday –  To Meme or Not to Meme, that is the question {Discussion} –  My first ever discussion post on my own blog prompted by the conversation sparked by my guest post on Monday, please come over and tell me what you think about meme’s on book blogs.

Tuesday – The top 10 Books I have read so far this year – for Top Ten Tuesday

Wednesday – Review – Nothing to Envy, real lives in North Korea  – by Barbera Demmick a wonderful book cataloging the lives of some defectors from the worlds largest prison, North-Korea.

Friday – for Friday Favourites this week My Favourite Book of my Favourite Author – You might be able to guess that my favourite author is Neil Gaiman but which book?

Linking To

I will be linking this to the Sunday post over at the Caffinated book reviewer and then It’s Monday What are you Reading at The Book Date.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Update 19th to 25th June

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  1. All three of your read books this week sound amazing!! Especially Sleeping Giants. I need to look into all of these!


  2. I’ve heard people say it’s been really hot in the UK! It’s cooled off a bit here- still nice but not blisteringly hot, thankfully. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on memes. 🙂


  3. The weather has been glorious in the UK hasn’t it – though I was pleased for a cooler day Friday for a change. Our school sports day is next Thursday and I’m hoping for a cooler day then too as last year it was unbearably hot – too much for two hours standing outside without shade! Have a good week.


  4. Ooh, so much to discuss! I’ve got Nothing To Envy, I should get to it. And also, Sleeping Giants – I’m pretty hyped up about that one, but don’t yet have it. I would love to read it. And I’ve seen Bedlam Stacks around a lot but never did request it. But now people are saying it’s great and I’m feeling, like, hey – was I silly and did I miss out?
    Also, looking forward to your meme discussion post.


  5. I bought Sleeping Giants but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I also decided to start with the first Jack Reacher novel. I enjoyed it but haven’t had a chance to continue the series. I have been too busy with review books to read any of my own books lately. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  6. I’m about halfway through Waking Gods – I flew through the audio of Sleeping Giants. Loved it!! Waking Gods is different, much more about the aliens. It’s interesting, and I’m really curious to see where it goes. I’d heard there was a third book coming too, but not sure if that’s accurate.


  7. Our heatwave for the moment has returned to normal temperatures (low 20s rather than low 40s), which is good because homes around here aren’t built with air conditioning. It’s been a busy week with a cracked toilet, day camp, and paperwork for cross country. Come see what I’m reading


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