Oh dear I went mad on Netgalley

For anyone who hasn’t delved into the world of Netgalley, its a place where bloggers and other book reviewers and librarians can get access to E – Advance Reader Copies (E-Arc’s) so we can review them.   The title links lead to the netgalley page for the book, they are all from UK based publishers as that is where I live.

I had so nearly got my ratio up to the recommended 80% (it was at 76%) and I went and blew it and requested loads of things whilst sorting out my favourite publishers  in order to find UK based ones so I would be less disappointed when the books I want where out of area.  Anyway apart from one book which is still pending they have all been accepted and it put it down to 46% oops.

Anyway for stacking the shelves I  shall tell you all about these all too tempting books and I didn’t realise till after I had pressed request but most of them are already published or due very soon. Eek, far too many books to read where will I find the time?


Sunday Morning Coming Down (Frieda Klien #7)by Nicci SundayMorningComingDownCover@2xFrench

Due for Publication by Penguin UK on 13 Jul 2017

Netgalley Archive Date not set

I only requested this book at the beginning of the week and I have already read it and written my review which will be published sometime next week.  The hardback and kindle editions of this book have been out since April but it is being published in a Penguin paperback next week.  Its a very good thriller, I think it would have been better if I had read the previous 6 books in the series but it works as a standalone.

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Blood Sisters by Jane Corrybloodsisters

Published 29 Jun 2017

Netgalley Archive Date 13 Jul 2017

I have seen this book around the blogosphere quite a bit in the past couple of weeks, not surprising as it has just been published.  One line in the blurb was enough to get me into pressing the request button.

Three little girls set off to school one sunny May morning. Within an hour, one of them is dead.

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The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo  by Amy Schubmergirlwiththelowerbacktattoo

Published 25 Aug 2016

Netgalley Archive Date not set

I have seen her standup on Netflix and she is a funny if utterly rude an shameless girl.  I have started it and its actually a bit deeper than I expected, still very funny though, if you are not easily offended anyway.


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A Man of Shadows by Jeff NoonManofshadows

Due for Publication on 1st August 2017

Netgalley Archive Date 21st July

I am really getting into my Si-fi at the moment and this one looks fascinating.  A private investigator with an invisible serial killer on the loose set in a place where it’s either permanent daytime,  or permanent night depending on the locality.

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Midnight Blue Simone van der VlugtMidnightBlue

Published 09 Feb 2017

Netgalley Archive Date not set

Ok so I chose this partially due to the cover and partially as I haven’t got anything for The Netherlands in the reading around the world challenge.   Its a historical novel set in 1654 and is centered on the porcelain industry and more specifically the famous Delft Blue.

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Daring to Drive  by Manal al-Sharifdaringtodrive

Published 13 Jun 2017

Netgalley Archive Date not set

This at times quite horrifying account of a young Saudi woman who was taken from her house in the middle of the night for the crime of driving whilst female.  This is a very emotive tale of one woman’s struggle for some kind of equality in one of the most misogynistic places in the world.  This will also count for Saudi Arabia in the Reading around the world challenge.

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Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvelwaking gods

Published 06 Apr 2017

Archive Date not set

The sequel to Sleeping Giants which I reviewed a few days ago. OK so this is a bit of a cheat as I have already got this from my local library as I said in my last library book haul post and am over halfway through it.  But then I though it wouldn’t hurt as I was going to write a review anyway it might as well add to my netgalley totals.

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21 thoughts on “Oh dear I went mad on Netgalley

Add yours

  1. Most of those books look very tempting to me. I can see why you blew it and requested them. I hope you enjoy them all. I recently read Waking Gods and really enjoyed it.


  2. haha I have a habit of getting way too carried away on NetGalley too. I’m actually forcing myself to go on a book requesting freeze because I recently did the same thing as you. I requested SO MANY books and got approved for just about all of them…so I’m going to be playing catch up for quite a while. lol! I hope you enjoy all of your new books, and have a great weekend!


  3. Girl, I saw your title and I immediately said “Same”. I think we’ve all gone a bit mad on Netgalley at some point or another XD I have quite a few books I need to read and review from there!
    Enjoy your new books! 🙂
    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My Book Haul!


  4. Hallo, Hallo! 🙂 I’m in the process of reading my latest ChocLit novel for review Where Dragonflies Hover which is lovingly spilt between the war era and the 2010’s… when I saw you wink at me on Twitter! Thanks for following me! I decided to scope out your last tweets to see if I could find a post I could read and say “Hallo!” – this one interested me, as I think all of us (ie. book bloggers) find ourselves in this pickle at one point or another – says the girl spending Summer reading #20BooksOfSummer to help encourage her erasure of a backlogue! Between health woes and unexpected life moments – sometimes, we do fall behind – but other times, like the one your mentioning here is an easy one to ensnare ourselves!
    I used to overbook my blog (via blog tours) – until I hit mid-stride in my 3rd Year and realised – no more! Ergo, I’ve been going through a Renaissance on my blog for nearly a full year now – as I entered my 4th year back in March. I feel blessed for recognising the pace issues and the unwanted stress I was putting myself through – the pace I have right now is not just manageable but it is freeing.
    In regards to the list of titles – one stood out to me – the one about the Netherlands!? Goodness. There is something wicked awesome about that particular plot! I look forward to your review on this one – as I just might be finding it added to my #mustread list!! Wicked brill!


  5. I did the exact same thing on NetGalley. Got close to my 80%, requested a bunch of things not at all expecting to be approved for everything (before that I had only a small handful of reviews so I was used to getting rejected for still being a new user). Also didn’t realize that many of them were releasing at the same time. Oops! I’ve learned in the future to spread them out and check release dates to try and spread them out.

    Some of these look really great though, and I also got Waking Gods! Good luck with cutting down on your NetGalley TBR and getting that % back up!


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