Review – Sunday Morning Coming Down (Frieda Klein No 7)

Title: Sunday Morning Coming DownSundayMorningComingDownCover@2x

Author :Nicci French

Series: Frieda Klein No7
Pages: 320
Genres: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
First Published: April 2017  (and about to be republished by Penguin)
My Rating: ★★★☆☆

TheBlurbPsychotherapist Frieda Klein’s home is her refuge until she returns to find it has become a disturbingly bloody crime scene. Beneath the floorboards the police have found the body of a man she had hired to help protect her. The killer’s message is all too clear: you’re mine. When those closest to Frieda begin to be targeted, the picture becomes more skewed: the patterns unclear. Unless Frieda can find and stop whoever is threatening her friends and family, her love and loyalty could come at a truly fatal cost . . .


OK I haven’t read any of the other Frieda Klien books and this probably has detracted from my enjoyment of this book a bit. Saying that though I was gripped by this book, and found it difficult to put down in the two days that I  read it.

It is fast paced and with  almost continuous action, in fact at the beginning it was tricky keeping up with the names of characters.  This again is due to jumping into the middle of a series but this settles down shortly into the book.


It is told in the third person, and flits between the police involved with the case, Frieda and her friends and from about halfway through the killer and accomplices.   This was good because we where able to see the thoughts and motivation from all sides.   I must admit I didn’t guess who was committing the series of crimes until we where shown inside the mind of a killer but I should have.

The title if anybody is wondering has little to do with the after effects of a very heavy night, well only in the fact that one of the characters lost a weekend, but because the series started with Blue Monday, continued with Tuesday’s Gone and so on.  It was assumed by folks that this would be the seventh final book to complete the week but they have tweeted that the eighth one will be the final book.


I don’t think there was any sexual content and the violence was not especially graphic and fairly necessary.   Saying that I wouldn’t recommend this book to a teenager as there are some fairly adult topics dealt with here.

Ohh and it ends of a bit of a cliffhanger, enough to make you eagerly await the next installment but not so bad as to be annoying.


Well if you have read the rest of the Frieda Klien books its a bit of no brainier, read this one but be warned you might have to wait a year for the final book.  If you haven’t read the rest, probably the best thing to do is to go back and start with Blue Monday but I enjoyed the book regardless.

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AbouttheAuthorNikkiFrenchNikki French is a pseudonym for the husband and wife team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French who also write under their own names including Nicci Gerrard’s job as a journalist for the Observer and in 2016 she won the Orwell Prize for Journalism.   They have authored several other books under this name prior too this series and they are mainly all thrillers as far as I can see.

They tweet at @FrenchNicci





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  1. I have read all of the Frieda Klein books, and I’ve loved every one. I just received my copy of Sunday Morning Coming Down this week. My acquisitions of these books usually involves “third party vendors,” so a lot of waiting is required. But I have all of the books in print format, sitting on my shelves, so it is worth the wait.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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