Weekly Update 17th to 23rd July

This is the last week of term, I have been very lazy and enjoying not having to supervise any kids but all that will change for 6 weeks.  Its ok though because my 8 year old pretty much looks after herself most of the time.  I have finally had my application for Bookbridgr approved and I have got my first ever requested hardback ARC.

Books Finished This week.

I seem to be consistent in finishing three books each week, and this week is no different.

Die Trying (Jack Reacher, #2) by Lee Child – This book as with all series was almost comfort reading as I knew at least one character so it was easy to get into.   Reacher is kidnapped by being in the wrong place in the wrong time, along with an female FBI agent who was the intended target.

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson – I enjoyed this book but I am not sure it lived up to the piss yourself laughing hype.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman – I really loved this book, Eleanor Oliphant is a girl who is old before her time, she has no social graces but she is completely fine, except she isn’t.  This is a totally character driven book and I highly recommend it.  Review will be out next week I think.


Currently Reading

A Month by the Sea: Encounters in Gaza by Dervla Murphy – It’s interesting but a little heavy going getting to grips with all the acronyms  (IDF, OPT,  UNRWA etc)
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë – I am listening to the audiobook whenever I drive anywhere, I can see why its a classic.

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer – Haven’t read much of this this week,  its funny but not as good as her standup I think.

The Sixteen Trees of the Somme Lars Mytting – My first requested hardback ARC from Bookbridgr and its great.  Beautifully written and translated from the Norwegian with what seems to be quite a twisty plot.


A Man of Shadows (John Nyquist, #1) by Jeff Noon – Not convinced on this book yet it seems to be like a gumshoe detective novel in a place where it is always daytime.

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume is still the bedtime story for my daughter, and we are making some progress.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë  is the audio-book that I am listening too in the car and other places.


This week on the blog

Well this time last week I had 68 followers and now I have 100 so that is 32 more followers in a week!  Personally I think it is mainly down to participating in a twitter chat run by @that_book_gal and the goodreads group that followed on from it, and we all seem to be following each other back.

Monday –Discussion – E-books or Paper Books

Tuesday – Review – Waking Gods

Thursday – Review – Swimming Lessons

Friday – My favourite non-fiction book that teaches a skill.

Saturday – Arc August


Well here’s my plan for next week.

  • Monday –Review – Daring To Drive  – A non fiction memoir of the woman who was imprisoned for driving in Saudi Arabia.
  • Tuesday – I might do a old Top Ten Tuesday as I weirdly miss it.
  • Wednesday – Discussion
  • Thursday – Review – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  • Friday – Friday Favourites – My favourite book set in India and/or written by an Indian citizen.

Linking To

I will be linking this to the Sunday post over at the Caffeinated book reviewer and then It’s Monday What are you Reading at The Book Date.


32 thoughts on “Weekly Update 17th to 23rd July

Add yours

  1. I love the bloggess website but I don’t know if I could read an entire book. I enjoy her snips of funny. She does crack me up, the strangest things happen to her. lol

    ARCs are so dangerous! Netgalley and Edelweiss, I am so bad on those sites. I am trying so hard to stay away from them! 🙂

    I hope you have a great week. Happy Reading! 🙂


  2. Congrats on receiving your first hardback ARC! I wish Bookbridgr would send out outside the UK.. I did receive Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine from another lovely blogger so I’m really looking forward to reading that one. I love character driven novels!


  3. I read (or rather, listened to) Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson last year. I mostly enjoyed it but after a while it started to feel like too much. I feel like it would have been better to read or listen to that one a few chapters at a time with breaks in between. Because after a while Lawson’s diatribes and almost manic way of expressing herself became a little overwhelming. She’s definitely funny, though!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


  4. Eleanor Oliphant and Furiously Happy are on my tbr. Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite books and the last time I re-read it I listened to the audio book. Did you review Sleeping Giants? I will have to look and see if you did. I hope you are having a wonderful week. 🙂


  5. I did Furiously Happy on audiobook and I think that helped me enjoy it more. Jenny reads it and it added a layer of fun to the stories.

    Jane Eyre may be my favorite of the Bronte sisters’ books. In grad school I had to read Wide Sargasso Sea
    by Jean Rhys which is her take on a prequeal to Jane Eyre.


    1. I think that the audio book would make it more like stand-up comedy, and it does read that way a bit sometime so I can see it adding something.
      I haven’t heard of wide Sargasso sea, I will have to check it out, thanks


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