Friday Favourites

Its great to read and write about new books, but I am creating the opportunity for myself and others to shout about older books we adore.  I am a pretty new book blogger so at first I am sure it will just be me but if other bloggers would like to join that would be great and I will add a linky to each Friday’s post which will stay active for a while at first.

It’s inevitable that there will be a bit of overlap, so instead of repeating yourself, provide a link to where you have profiled your top favourite and go on to the next if that makes sense.  And feel free to give honorable mentions to any that come a close second.

The topics for the next few Fridays are as follows

  • Friday  – 23rd June –  My favourite cook book.  If you are anything like me you have a shelf full of cookery books from bread to pasta sauces.  What is the one that you love the most and why?
  • Friday – 30th June –  My favourite book of my favourite author. We all have a favourite author somewhere, what is your fave of their work and why?
  • Friday – 7th July – My favourite children’s picture book.   Books designed to be read to children with wonderful illustrations.  Much fewer pages but normally bigger than the average book and all of them in full colour.  I definitely have a favourite what’s yours?  This can be from your childhood or your children’s (if you have them).
  • Friday – 14th July – My favourite book that has been adapted into a movie.  What are the differences between the book and subsequent film and which is better (the book of course) and which did you find first?
  • Friday – 21st July – My favourite non-fiction book that teaches a skill.  Be it crochet, car maintenance, painting ect.
  • Friday – 28th July – My favourite book (not decided yet)

Past Friday Favourites

  • Friday – 9th June –  My favourite book set in mainland Europe? –  That is anywhere in Europe except for the UK and Ireland (and probably not any other islands if we are being strict up to you).
  • Friday  – 16th June –  My favourite author from the USA – America has produced a huge amount of fabulous writers who’s your favourite, and which is your favourite book of theirs?



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