Book Review – The Beekeeper

by Stewart Giles Alice Green a beekeeper who sells her honey at the local farmers market is worried when her best friend goes missing, and the police are called. The true protagonist of this tale is Harriet Taylor the young female Scottish police officer who befriends Alice. Then in the space of a week half a... Continue Reading →

Becky Chambers my new fave Si-fi writer

A closed and common orbit (Wayfarer No 2) I love this book, and most importantly I love the two main characters Jane and Sinda. It is Si-fi  space opera as the futuristic setting is a backdrop for a story about relationships and personal identity.   This book is a stand alone sequel to Becky Chambers first... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update 5th to 11th June

So far this week I have been drowning under a mountain of laundry but my OH has been having an enforced holiday due to to van trouble and has been getting on with all the jobs that I have been nagging him to do at home. Finally we have carpet on the stairs and two lots of new shelves, yay. Finished three books this week one print one ebook and one audio book. I am loving reading the classics in audio-book form it is almost cheating.

Friday Favourites – My favourite book set in mainland Europe?

Welcome to my new meme Friday Favourites, where I get to tell you about all of my favourite books one at a time you can tell the world all about yours, and there is a linky a the end of this post. For this week I have chosen my favourite book set in mainland Europe, mainly because as a UK national I didn't want to choose something from my home country but something a little more exotic.

Book Review – The Heirs

An self made man who grew up in an English orphanage but supported by the priest who ran the place, suffers in all the right schools then leaves for America where his lack of pedigree are no longer important but the right accent is.   We enter the story immediately following his death with his five... Continue Reading →

May Update

Well my blog  a month old as my first post was right at the end of April.   Also I have just got back from a month in Estonia visiting my OH's family so to introduce our 8 year old daughter to his great grandmother (age 90).  The highlight of the week was the open... Continue Reading →

Revew: City of Thieves by David Benioff

“ truth may be stranger than fiction, but it needs a better editor.” An insane search for eggs in a city under siege where the majority of the residents are starving to death. Escaping execution for looting, 17 yr old Lev along with his cellmate Kolya are given the seemingly impossible task of locating a dozen eggs for a wedding cake in Leningrad under siege in exchange for their lives.

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