Weekly Update 24th to 30th July

Its been the first week of the kids summer holidays, and of course the first thing my daughter did, is get sick, with high fevers and all that. She got better for Wednesday and Thursday and now she is sick again, not sure why. I also ended up working both Saturday and Sunday long days due to the weather my OH normally goes to a motor-cross track with his motorbike on Saturday but this was cancelled so I worked instead.


Booker Prize 2017 Longlist – My thoughts and predictions.

Early yesterday morning the longlist for the 2017 Booker prize was announced. This is my first Booker prize as a book blogger and I am going to try my best to read the longlist by the time the prize is announced, wish me luck, I will probably need it. The shortlist will be announced on the 13th of September with the Winner reveal on the 17th of October, with all the ARC's I have to be read I haven't got a hope in hell but I will try.

Review – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

My Rating: ★★★★✬ 4.5 stars There are not many books I have read this year that make me want to write a review and gush about how great they are minutes after finishing them. This book is one of them. Gail Honeyman has created a wonderful character in Eleanor who is a survivor although a very damaged individual. She has been bounced around the foster system ever since an incident involving her mother who it is implied was incarcerated when Eleanor was ten years old and she only has very sketchy memories of her childhood.

Mid Year (a bit late) Freak Out

Loads of people have been doing this recently and as its coming to the end of July already I am a bit late with this but after reading The Well Thumbed Readers's post I have been inadvertently tagged, Yay. This is my first ever Tag and I have really enjoyed doing it so if anybody wants to tag me with anything else, feel free.

Review – Daring To Drive

This book is a very brave account of a life constrained by the laws of one of the richest countries in the world, but one where women have virtually no rights. It is predominantly a memoir sharing the life of an ordinary Saudi woman who is trying to make things better for her fellow women in a country where anybody without a y chromosome is denied the freedoms that western women take for granted

Weekly Update 17th to 23rd July

This is the last week of term, I have been very lazy and enjoying not having to supervise any kids but all that will change for 6 weeks. Its ok though because my 8 year old pretty much looks after herself most of the time. I have finally had my application for Bookbridgr approved and I have got my first ever requested hardback ARC.

ARC August 2017

I have only just heard of ARC August hosted over at Read Sleep Repeat and as I have a whole slurry of arc's from Netgalley and Bookbriger combined this seems like the perfect chance to get them read and reviewed. So this is the list of Arc's that I have to go through , there are 4 weeks in August so I think 10 books is more than achievable.

My favourite non-fiction book that teaches a skill.

This week's Friday Favourites is my favourite book that teaches a skill and I have chosen The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa et al. Mind Illuminated is a book that teaches you how to meditate and it is probably the most comprehensive meditation book that I have ever read, and I have read loads over the years.

Review – Swimming Lessons

My Rating: ★★★☆☆ The tale works on two time-lines, the present told by a third person narrator and the past told in letter form by the woman who disappeared. It starts off as a love story but I felt it developed into something much darker becoming a cautionary tale against marrying an older men, too young . The letters that she wrote during the latter part of their marriage are secreted inside the pages of her husbands immense book collection.

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