Review Policy

If you an author or publisher and would like me to review your book here please contact me at  please read my review policy below and this policy is liable to change if I get too busy.

  • I am happy to do both book reviews and author interviews .
  • My plan is to be totally honest in my review of a book, so I will post negative reviews if I feel it is appropriate, but I do understand that it will purely be my opinion and will express this.
  • I intend to cross post any reviews I do on  goodreads.
  • I read mainly literary fiction, occasionally fantasy and some si-fi.   I also read non-fiction but only on subjects that interest, ie.  art and drawing, writing and journaling , psychology, travel and many other diverse subjects.  Best to email me and ask.
  • I am very fussy with books that I will write a review, so by all means email me but only 1% will get a read.

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